Production has begun!

I’m not sure how many people care, but nonetheless I've decided to share the behind the scenes of the production as an extra bonus for those interested.

So here is the latest news.

SoundCloud stats

Yesterday my first episode in 2 years got over 200 plays in less than 24 hours. So mind boggling! Thank you everyone!

Relaunching a dormant podcast came with some technical challenges. Especially with the name change. Most are resolved, some I hope will be solved in the very near future. Those tickets are open — and pending.

As for future episodes, my wonderful signifcant other, pateintly sat with me and helped me scale back a ridicoulous 10–12 episode commit by end of the year. I feel I have 6 solid topics now.

Prodcution has started on these new epsidoes. what that really means is the research. It takes anywhere from 15-30 hours of research(depending on the topic), and about 6–10 hours per episode to record and edit (depending if I’m adding lots of sound elements). Some of these new episodes i know will have lots of work — but its always fun.

In terms of a schedule, the goal is to have 2 episodes every month until the end of the year. Going forward the goal will be 5 episodes a quarter. I will communicate on the future episode schedule on this blog, for those that care. So make sure you subscribe. I know others may prefer the surprise.

As you can see, unlike before, I’m actually doing a lot more planning. Very excited to get going again — and in a more sustainable way.

Happy stamp collecting!



#stampcollecting #philately

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